Key topics

Topics will include:

Digital banking, Mobile transactions and cryptocurrency technologies, Social media, Backchaining, P2P lending, Bank accelerator programmes and innovation labs, Emerging global banking threats, Cyber security and new product and service development, Emerging fintech ecosystem, Emerging digital currency technologies & innovations, Established financial institutions & markets. The future of sustainable global society with fair and equitable access to resources, wealth, value exchange and affordable and relevant financial services. The development of innovative solutions.

Digitalization of banking system

The competition, disruptors and alternative models in financial sector.
How to stay relevant to a new generation of clients?
The challenges that banks face in their transition to a truly digital banking model.
The mobile bank – How to stay on top of the trend? Is it secure as online banking?
How kids make sense of money – financial edication, models, trends.
How digitalization can create new vulnerabilities?

The influence of fintech in shaping the payments sector
Innovate Finance – leading FinTech trends.
The new array of fintech solutions – including instant payments,
e-wallets and cryptocurrencies.

The next era of technology-led financial services innovators, from start-ups to institutions.
What is next for digital currency-based solutions?
What does the future hold for fintech and insuretech?
Adoption of blockchain technologies in financial sector.

Blockchain in finance

Blockchain is an emerging field that allows businesses to effectively mine historical data and better understand consumer behavior. This type of approach is critical for any business to successfully launch its products and better serve its existing markets.

Beyond insurance:
Financial planning, Data analysis, Understanding of new technologies and new products — mobile apps, social media, and self-service.
Syber security in the context of the the new regulations.

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