About the event


#NEXT DIFI is the VIII Edition of a one-day forum covering the convergence of technology and financial services rapidly changing how the world borrows, buys, and invests.

The Financial Innovation Forum, bringing together industry leaders, policy makers, regulators and experts to explore the disruptive forces that are shaping the financial sector into the future and discuss where opportunities lie. It brings together people who want to discover the future of finance and help their company unveiling these new opportunities.

Through presentations, panel sessions and on-stage interviews, senior executives from local and international banks will join leaders from other organisations to give their views on what banks, insurance and pension companies must do to stay ahead of the game.

As fintech innovations, peer-to-peer lending and big data open the door to new entrants and stimulate greater competition, disruptors are creating alternative modes of finance and shaking up the sector. At the same time, incumbent players are rethinking their business models to remain relevant to a new generation of clients while satisfying the requirements of regulators, shareholders and investors.

Limited places are available to the following professionals:

CEO / Chairman / Founder

Chief Financial Officer / Chief Investment Officer / Chief Operating Officer / Chief Counsel

Chief Economist / Head of Economic Research or Policy

Chief Technology Officer / Chief Information Officer

Heads/Directors/VPs of Compliance or Regulation

Heads/Directors/VPs of Strategy or Innovation

This forum has been produced to meet the needs of senior banking and finance professionals, including:

Management of Central Bulgarian Bank

Management of Financial Supervision Commission

Financial regulators

Chief Executive Officers

Heads/Directors of Retail Banking

Heads/Directors of Consumer Banking

Heads/Directors of / Business Banking / SME Banking

Heads/Directors of Digital Banking

Heads/Directors of Mobile Banking

Heads of Innovation

FinTech, InsurTech companies

FinTech startups

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Sofia I OfficeX I Ground floor I Planet Schwarz

Blvd. "Cherni vrah" 51 Sofia, Bulgaria.